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We can produce a print of YOUR car just like we did for Gus here.

Send us an email about your car
Include some photos and we can give you a no obligation quote.

These make great gift ideas and we regularly are asked to keep a secret!

Gus's AC Aceca

Gus lives in the States and owns a beautiful AC Aceca which is built to full racing specification. This car is the lesser known sister to the AC Cobra.

Personally I've always preferred the lines of the Aceca so was delighted when Gus contacted to say he would like a front and rear print of his car.

It was just about finished from a bare-metal rebuild and he wanted a print to celebrate the superb job which had been done on his car.

Gus had posted a number of photos of his car on a classic car forum on the internet. All he had to do was point me at the web page on the forum and leave me to do the rest.

As you can see, it is complete with roll cage, racing ?meatball? roundels for competition numbers and racing seats.

Gus's AC Aceca