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McLaren MP4-4

McLaren MP4-4 1988 Ayrton Senna close up

McLaren MP4-4 1988 Ayrton Senna

McLaren MP4-4 1988 Ayrton Senna

         Key Data         

Year : 1988
Driver : Ayrton Senna
Drivers Champion ?  Y
Makes Champion ?  Y

          Car Notes         

In 1988 Ayrton Senna took the first of his 3 world titles and so began the most bitter fighting between team mates F1 has ever seen. Prost v Senna during McLaren's purple patch of this period.

       Driver Notes       

Ayrton Senna
Probably the most charismatic, naturally gifted driver ever. Winner of 3 championships and cruelly killed before his time.